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Single Recharge Reward Upgraded!


As a show of appreciation for your support to League of Angels, we are adding more valuable and useful items to the single recharge reward. Recharge the specific amount of Diamonds in a single purchase now at http://accounts.gtarcade.com/payment/ to win the following bonus rewards:


Duration: permanent

Server: all



Recharge 1000 Diamonds

Gold x 300,000 and Voucher x50

Recharge 2000 Diamonds

Gold x600,000, Voucher x100, and Soulstone x100

Recharge 4000 Diamonds

Gold x1,000,000, Voucher x200, and Blessed Stone x30

Recharge 10000 Diamonds

Gold x1,500,000, Voucher x500, Seraph's Stone x50, and Element Crystal x100

Recharge 30000 Diamonds

Gold x3,000,000, Voucher x1,000, Seraph's Stone x100, Blessed Stone x100, and Runestone x500


Note: The rewards can be collected from the Recharge Reward menu.