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GTArcade Club Recruiting


The GTArcade Club is recruiting! Join the club, and you will gain the following benefits: 

1. You will be notified first for any upcoming patches and Events. 

2. Special Gifts on your Birthday and festivals such as Christmas and Halloween. 

3. Exclusive GTArcade Club Events for League of Angels. 

4. Account recovery support in the event of theft or other unfortunate situations. 

5. Premier customer service support. 

How to join 

1. To join the club you need to meet one of the following conditions: 1) Character reaches Level 60 or 2) Recharge at least 10000 Diamonds on the account. 

2. Please email christopher@gtarcade.com and provide the following info to verify your ownership of the account. 



    Character name: 


    Phone number: 

    Facebook address: 

    Instant messenger (e.g. Skype, AIM, Yahoo, Line): 

    Which condition you met: 

3. We will verify your information and send you a formal invitation with the first Bonus Reward within 7 business days.