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Equipment Refinement


Equipment Refinement has been released! The new systems allow players to change equipment refinement attributes and Star Level. It can greatly increase attribute bonuses.

Level Requirement: 42 

Refining Stone

Refining Stone is used to refine equipment for greater attribute bonuses. It can be obtained from the Jackpot System.



Click on the icon at the top of the screen to open a slot-machine-like system. Spin the reels; if the result matches the specific combos, Refining Stones will be rewarded accordingly.
- There are 3 spin modes: Normal, Advanced and Supreme.
Normal: costs 1 point per spin. Yields standard prizes.
Advanced: costs 3 points per spin. Yields great prizes.
Normal: costs 10 points per spin. Yields awesome prizes!
- Players receive some points for free each day. Extra points can be bought with Diamonds.
- For each point you spend, 1 score point will be rewarded. Extra point rewards and ranking rewards can be collected from the Daily Loot menu if the requirement is met.



The Refine menu can be found in Forge.
Select the equipment you want to refine and click Refine. Some Refining Stones will be consumed; 5 new stats will be generated randomly. If the new stats are desirable, click Replace to save them; if not, you can click Refine again to get a set of new stats.

Lock Attributes
You can spend Refining Stones or Diamonds to “lock” the desirable attributes, so only unwanted stats will be reset. Simply click on the lock icon next to the stats you want to keep, and then use Refine.

Refine Combo

A Refine Combo will activate if the Star Level of every piece of equipment worn by the hero reaches the specified level. The Star Level of equipment is determined by the lowest Star Level attribute.

With constant updates and optimization, discrepancies may exist between this information and in-game information. The in-game version shall prevail.