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New Voucher Shop: More Items Available


The Voucher Shop will upgraded after Update v3.0071. It will bring you a wider range of items! 


League of Angels Voucher Shop


- The Voucher Shop will automatically refresh the items for sale every 2 hours. After each refresh, different items will be available for sale.

- You can use a Merchant's Token to refresh the shop manually. Merchant's Token can be obtained from special events.

- Each type of item has a daily purchase cap. 

- The commodities include:

    Up to 30 Blessed Stones 

    Up to 30 Seraph's Stones 

    Up to 100 Element Dust 

    Lvl.2 Cherubstone x1 

    Lvl.3 Cherubstone x1 

    Up to 100 Aegis Shards 

    Up to 100 Soulstones 

    Up to 5 Basic Energy Cards (10) 

    Up to 20 Angel Tears 

    Up to 100 Socketing Rods 

    Up to 30 Timeship Scrolls


More items will be added in future updates; items used for the new systems and even wings will be added! Stay tuned!


With constant updates and optimization, discrepancies may exist between this information and in-game information. The in-game version shall prevail.