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September Check-in Rewards Exchange


Dear players,

Thanks for your daily login and company on September. Now we make this special exchange event for you to get your big reward. Use Blue Dewdrop to swap for what you like. If you haven't use up all the Blue Dewdrop, you can save it and use it next month

Duration: Otc 1 to Otc 3

Server: S1 to S 1098

Requirement Reward Note
Blue Dewdrop x7 Dark Paladin x1     Swap Once Only
Blue Dewdrop x7 Lvl. 8 Fusion Gem Chest x1 Swap Once Only
Blue Dewdrop x7 Jeweltone Turkey Soul x1 Swap Once Only
Blue Dewdrop x1 Lvl. 6 Common Gem Chest x1 No limit


LoA Team