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Fires of Fusion Inside Look: New Heroes


The expansion pack Fires of Fusion will introduce three New Heroes from the Mythic Realm! Recruit and lead them to victory!



League of Angels Hero Valkyrie

Description: Valkyries vow to serve God after being selected as mortal princesses. They ride white Pegasi and fly through the sky. Dew and frost falling from the Pegasus’ mane, their armor shine bright like the aurora. They give the dead on the battlefield a wonderful kiss and lead them to Valhalla; these fearless warriors eventually become the backbone of the divine army. Valkyries practice day and night to prepare for their final battle with the army of giants.


Class: Warrior

Position: Melee Tank

Skill: Abyssal Gaze – Deals (120% ATK + 300) to enemy back row, and adds shield that reduces DMG received -30%. Also, Deceives enemies in back row into targeting themselves for 2 turns.


Basic Stats:

Initial HP Initial PATK Initial PDEF Initial MATK

Initial MDEF

3000 550 260 0




 Astral Hunter 

League of Angels Hero Astral Hunter

Description: Astral Hunter can transition between the Mortal Realm and the Astral Planes by relying on the power of the void. He hunts demons that destroy the balance of the Astral Planes. The galaxy is his hallway; he looks for the trail of demons along the bright sky. His bow is named “Star”; whenever a meteor crosses the night sky, it means he has slain another demon. He singlehandedly defeated the powerful Devil Legion. 


Class: Mage 

Position: Ranged Support 

Skill: Blood Mania - Increases Rage +20 for back row of your party, with a 75% chance to increase DEF +30%. Lasts 2 turns, cannot stack, and does not require Rage. 


Basic Stats:

Initial HP

Initial PATK Initial PDEF Initial MATK Initial MDEF


0 350 10 350



Arcane Spirit

League of Angels Arcane Spirit

Description: Arcane Spirit is a supernatural being from a parallel world. Roaming in the void for years, darkness enraged the arcane power within him. He created a rift with arcane lightning in the time-space continuum and arrived in our land. The sorcerers of Angels were able to imprison the Arcane Spirit with their holy seals in the elemental dungeon. Millions of years have passed; the seal is wearing out. Who will be able to command the Arcane Spirit and steer his power?


Class: Mage

Position: Debuffer and Support
Skill: Deals (135% ATK + 300) to enemy back row, and decreases the targets ATK by 30% with a 16% chance to stun for 2 turns.


Basic Stats

Initial HP

Initial PATK

Initial PDEF Initial MATK Initial MDEF


0 240 700 240

More details about Fires of Fusion will be released in the next few days. Stay tuned to the Fires of Fusion news page!

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. final updates will be determined in game.