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Expansion Fires of Fusion Coming March 28: Inspire Your Fire of Passion


Peace has reduced the people's vigilance. Heroes must now put their attention on each other. Suspicion, jealousy, power, and ambition have pushed the heroes into a storm. Who is the most powerful warrior? Raise up, Heroes! The decision is upon you!


We will release this Expansion Pack on 28th March. In this Expansion Pack, you can improve your Char Stats, Hero Stats, Angle Stats and Battle Rating in many different new systems. You can Synth Fusion Gem to obtain more Stats Bonuses. Through Inferno, you can collect new resource – Elemental Dust, which is used for Hero Elemental Training. Also, there are powerful and mystery new heroes waiting for you to recruit. 


After a period of practice, The 2nd Cross-Server Tournament is coming; the horn of honor will blew again! Warriors, get ready for the second chance to obtain the Crowning Glory! 


New Features in Fires of Fusion includes: 


5 New Systems, more interesting gameplay! 

- Fusion Gem

Synth 2 different type of gems to fuse their attributes! >>Click here for details.

- New Heroes

3 amazing new Heroes, Arcane Spirit, Astral Hunter, and Valkyrie can be recruited!  >>Click here for details.

- New System: Angel Evolution

Evolve your Angels’ to increase their stats and unlock elemental damage! >>Click here for details.

- New System: Inferno

Do Erebus as a team to collect a new resource, Elemental Dust! >>Click here for details.

- Hero Elemental Training

Use Elemental Dust to upgrade your heroes! >>Click here for details.


2 New Events, more intense competition! 

- The 2nd Cross-Server Tournament will begin in early April. Get ready for the second chance to obtain Victoriana! 

- House of Cards: new mini-game coming soon! >>Click here for details.


Vote for your favorite upcoming new features at the forum event threadDetails of the new contents will be released in the next few days. Stay tuned!