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New Items in September Update!



Themis, new angel, is the judge of light and darkness. Maintain the balance in the world.




A beautiful and quiet goddess. She is the guardian of ocean, watch the tranquility of this blue world from heaven.



Frosta,evelution of blazing soul, can control great power of blue flame.


Ash King

Ash King, evolution of King o'Bones, is the ruler of the Undead Army and the Ghostdom


Dance Costume

Put on this gorgeous costume and dance with your beloved.


Flaming Flower

The red flower wings are on fire. It will burn all evil to ashes.


Aeolus Wings

Aeolus Wings will bring you peace and vitality. When the wings flaping it just like the gentle wind in May.



Tusky, which has strong body and sharp tusks. Watch out, Tusky is coming!



A cute white cat,very lovely as a pet,and powerful as a mount.



Don't miss this cute fairy Raccoon!It will bring you many joys!