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Djinni's Merchant Event Bonus


Dear players,
We would like to make some points clear about Djinni's Merchant event. First of all, slight changes are made in the reward list of this event. Some of you may dislike it at first, but some players may find it's even better than the rewards before. Different people have different views. What we can make sure is that the reward value has not been decreased. We hope you can still enjoy it! Secondly, due to some scheduling problem, this Djinni's Merchant event only lasts 2 days, actually it should be 4 days. This is an occasional case. Such kind of situation will not happen in the future. 
Since above two issue may have make you confused before this announcement, we apologize for the late explanation.  We have made some wonderful events in hot events, you will see it in game later. Now, let's have a look here first! Hope you will like it!

Daric Windfall

Duration: Jul 10 to Jul 11

Requirments Reward (Daric)
Use Blessed Stone x300 50
Use Blessed Stone x1000
Use Seraph's Stone x300
Use Seraph's Stone x1000
Use Enchanted Ore x600
Use Enchanted Ore x2000
Use Soul Stone x700
Use Soul Stone x2000
Use Angel Tears x100 100
Use Angel Tears x300
Use Element Crystal x600
Use Element Crystal x2000
Use Aegis Shard x600 100
Use Aegis Shard x2000


Dijnni's Offer

Duration: Jul 10

Requirments Rewards (Daric)
Log in 50
Devotion 100 100
Devotion 200 100
Devotion 300 100
Devotion 400 100
Devotion 500 100
Devotion 650 200
Spend 99 diamonds 800


Djinni's GEM Collection 

Duration: Jul 10

Requirments Rewards (Daric)
Use 1000 Daric Lvl. 7 Superior Gem Chest
Use 2000 Daric Lvl. 7 Superior Gem Chest x2
Use 5000 Daric Lvl. 8 Superior Gem Chest
Use 8000 Daric Lvl. 9 Superior Gem Chest
Use 12000 Daric Lvl. 10 Superior Gem Chest
Use 20000 Daric Lvl. 11 Superior Gem Chest
Use 40000 Daric Lvl. 12 Superior Gem Chest


LoA Team