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Champion Showdown Winners!


Dear players,

Champion Showdown on May has successfully concluded. Have you enjoyed the event? Have you got some inspiration in this event? Greater challenge is always on the way! Fight and move forward, heroes!

Let see who are the best one in your time zone in this round of Champion Showdown!

Time Zone Gold Group (Champion) Gold Group (Runner-up) Diamond Group (Champion) Diamond Group (Runner-up)
GMT Teopus S722 GTArcade Miga S315 GTArcade zeal1893 S116 R2 mishule S18 Ngames
EST nati S162 GTArcade hold S211 R2 Phoenix S54 R2 thunderstrik S372 GTArcade
CST Jacob77 S28 Ngames Siegfried S116 Ngames Tokkie S49 Ngames GatorBait982 S22 Ngames
PST Kclass S577 GTArcade Dagan S675 GTArcade Raphangelo S349 GTArcade snowfish S349 GTArcade
HKT Yaman S220 R2 Rachelle S614 GTArcade Snowae S107 R2 Species S36 R2

Congratulations to all the winners!

The following weapon are customized for Gold Group (Champion) and Diamond Group (Champion). Winners have the right to name thier own weapon and write discription about it.

 The following weapon are customized for Gold Group (Runner-up) and Diamond Group (Runner-up). Winners have the right to name thier own weapon and write discription about it.


All winners will receive in-game mail recently. Please keep an eye on in-game mail.

After receiving the in-game mail, all winners need to send ean mail to let us know your choice and discription.

Email Subject: Champion Showdown + Gold Group (Champion)/Gold Group (Runner-up)/Diamond Group (Champion)/Diamond Group (Runner-up) + In-game Name +  Server+ Time Zone +platform

For example: Champion Showdown+Gold Group (Champion) +GMT+Teopus+S722 +GTArcade

Content must include: Weapon type: Staff/ Sword/ Bow/ Dagger, weapon name ( 3 words at most) and weapon discription (14 words at most).

Please send email to us as soon as possible.


LoA team