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Angel Design Competition Result


We have reviewed all of the entries and selected our favorites. As stated in the rules, we have only considered original work. 

Congratulations to the 20 winners!

Appollyi - AstralChild(S9)

Titaness - Pyrona(S8)

Kainesta - Demon Huntress(S18)

Yunnie - Sylvia(s3)

Rathead - Propera(S4)

lillith - Sylvia(S3)

Ayalona - Shadowwraith(S10)

Hero - Byron Black(S13)

ErzaScarlet - Loralei(S1)

Valdoma - Pyrona(S8)

Suicideheroz - Shadowraith (10)

WiNTER - Loralei(S1)

CarryJoy - Astral Child

Raisu - Atalanta(S15)

Sabraiel - Shadowraith(S10)

Coffee - BloodBaroness(S11)

Marmella - Pyrona(S8)

Dollface - Nightblade(S6) 

67chrome - Sylvia(S3)


Prizes will be sent out within 3 days.