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Brand new feature---Stable!



Brand new feature---Stable brings you great shock and surprise!

What is Stable?

It's a new specialized function in Mounts. It enables you to make full use of your beloved mounts and set flexible combination of mount skills. From now on, you don't have to feel disappointed about your unused mounts. You may also don't have to worry about the same skill configuration among all the players. Only if you make  smart choice about the train mode and mount skill combination, you will get chances to win players with higher BR. It's really exciting, isn't it?

How to play Stable?

Click Mount Button and you will Stable entrance here.

Then you will enter the interface

Before you start to play, please read following rules:

1. Only deployed heroes can be selected.

2. One stat mode must be selected.

3. Bonus stats and skill level are based on the slot level.

4. Bind mount skills with character skills to use them in battles.


As you can see in above picture, there are three kinds of training mode, namely Attack, Defense, Support. In each mode, there are four sub-modes for you to choose. 

Bound Mount skills

Here you can combine different mount skills for your battle. You can choose Initial Skill, Joint Skill, Finishing Skill in your battle.

Bound mount skills will be triggered when the character triggers the corresponding skills (based on the skill's trigger rate).

For more detailed information please check ingame, and explore your best configuration for your party.