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League of Angels Server Maintenance


Dear Players,

The following League of Angels servers will undergo maintenance from February 11, 1am until 8am EST (or from February 10, 10pm until February 11 5am PST). During this period, these game servers will be inaccessible.

While the downtime is currently scheduled for 8 hours, it may take less time than expected. We will notify you when the game and website are accessible again. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

As a show of appreciation for your patience, we are offering gifts to affected players according to the downtime after the servers are all up and running. 

Affected Servers:

Server 11 – Blood Baroness

Server 18 – Demon Huntress

Server 19 – Guardian

Server 20 – Exorcist

Server 21 – Celestial Maiden

Server 22 – King Bones

Server 23 – Berserker Claw

Server 24 – Blazing Soul

Server 25 – Nereida

Server 26 – Elf Village

Server 27 – Forgotten Realm

Server 28 – Dark Forest

Server 29 – Dragon’s Nest

Server 30 – Moon Temple 

-The League of Angels Team