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Announcement on the Affair of Recent Hacking


Hello Warriors:

As to the recent topic of suspected hacking players, after the effort we've put in, we've found some shocking results, which have brought about some confusion to you.

Icebow from s2(R2), Effie from s119, Checkmaid from s298 were tracked of some hacking tools, which helped them loot enormous quantity of resources. These three players will be banned permanently. And we'll do our best to upgrade our anti-hacking methods.

Andrzej X from s684, who was the one with the most problems, was owned by one of our staff, who had taken advantage of his job to get his character a great number of rare stuff, which made him almost invincible. After we found this shocking fact, we placed severe punishment on this irresponsible man and took away the privilege. We also assure you that we'll put much work on the management of our staff, making sure such an occasion won't happen again.

This is the result we've got after the investigation. As to those who were banned in the forum, that was because of the leak of player's private information, which was quite sensitive among players. We sincerely apologize to you, for the carelessness of our work. We'll also let them come back to forum. And if you have anything to discuss about this issue, we hope that you put all your opinions under this post only. If any topics about this issue are opened outside of it in the forum, we'll have to delete them, as such topics might influence the normal discussion of forum visitors.

This affair made us realize that we still had a lot of work to do for the improvement both in game quality and in services. We beg for your trust, as what we've always been hoping for, to let everyone of you share the simplest joy here in League of Angels. Thank you very much!

The League of Angels Team