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League of Angels Dev Team Q&A Part III


We have recently updated our FAQ page, please take a look at it first if you have any issues with League of Angels. 

Below are the latest frequently asked questions:

1. Will there be EU servers any time soon?
Yes, we are glad to announce that both Europe (GMT+0) and Oceanic (GMT+8) servers will be launched in mid February. Stay tuned for the release date!

2. Will there be any Valentine's Day events?

Of course! We are planning something big: the Marriage system, new Angel Amora and new costumes, the wedding dress! Stay tuned for more details.

3. Is there any way to get Free Diamonds?

There will be soon! We will be working with several offer websites to provide you with opportunities to get free Diamonds. You will be able to earn Diamonds by taking surveys.

4. Why can't I collect the Flag in the Twilight Clash?

We are currently resolving the Twilight Clash bug, it will be fixed soon.

5. I have finished the Daily Quiz but why haven't I received the New Player Reward?

We are currently resolving this bug, it will be fixed soon.

6. Some people are hacking in the Cross Server War, how can this be?

We are determined to prevent people from hacking in the Cross Server War. If you notice anyone hacking please inform us and be sure to mention the player in the forums.

7. I need to cancel my VIP, how do I do this?

We are currently working on a do-it-yourself VIP cancellation system, and should be ready by March. If you need to cancel your VIP please contact us via our support ticket system. 

8. Why are my Diamond purchases and VIP purchases constantly failing?

We use three payment systems: PlaySpan, Payment, and Trialpay. If one of these do not work for you please try another system. In the event that they all fail, please contact our support team.

9. Why haven't I received my VIP status and / or Diamonds I purchased?

a. Please make sure you have selected the correct server

b. VIP status and Diamonds may take a short time to arrive, please be patient.

c. It may be that your payments were rejected by one of our payment systems. In this case your money will be returned to you. If trying another payment system does not work, please contact us and supply your country and credit card type.

- The League of Angels Dev Team