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Free Diamonds in LoA Romance Theme Page!


Dear players, 

LoA Romance bugs are timely fixed. We are sorry for the inconvenience it caused. To make you enjoy the event, we prepare this FAQ. Hope it may be helpful. By the way, this is a great chance to get free diamonds and many other items! We sincerely wish you happy Valentine's Day!

LoA Romance Theme Page: http://angel.gtarcade.com/valentine

Q1: I have Checked in, but I cannot collect my rewards. Why?

A: Check-in reward package can be collect every 5 days, 10 days, 15 days during Feb 14 to Feb 28. 

Q2: How often can I have an attempt for Luck Draw?

A: You can get an attempt for Luck Draw everyday after you check in the Calendar. Sharing the theme page on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus will earn you an extra attempt. There is only on extra attempt can be gained daily.

Q3: I have shared the theme page, but I haven't got the extra attempt. Why?

A: Please try to refresh the theme page, and then you can see it. 

Q4: If I forget to check in someday, can I get the rewards?

A: Reward packages can be gained according to the total Check-in times. It doesn't have to be consecutive.

Q5: Where can I get my Check-in Reward Package?

A: Click the Collect button in the theme page, and it will guide you to check the Code in LOG. Get the code and use it in game.

Q6: Where can I get my Lucky Draw Reward?

A: Click 'My Lottery Rewards' button to check the gift Code, and use it in game. 

Q7: I want to take part in the 'Let's Be Cupid In LoA', but how can I get my rewards?

A: Post your story in Forum and write down your In-game Name and Server. Every participant can get rewards. If your story are excellent, you will gain excellent rewards, even diamonds. We will send you the rewards after the event.