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Evolve Your Hero in X-Server Resource Tycoon!


Powerful Hero Lord Skyscream now successfully transformed into its 2nd evolution called Rajah Sykscream. It will be available in Cross-server Resource Tycoon from Feb. 20th to Feb. 25th. Great news is that, the TOP 6 winners in the overall ranking will have the honor to win Rajah Skyscream Crest and TOP 3 winners can get also get new mount Eala as extra rewards


Rajah Skyscream is a Heavy Striker hero with a unique skill called "Shadow Raid". His round skill and regular skill can attack twice in once round and the round skill has 5% chance to execute enemies.


Expect for Rajah Skyscream, Artifact Mount Eala and Sylph Gear Doomsday Blade are also available in X-server Resource Tycoon! Golden Sylph Gear Grace Stone will help increase the squad’s HP rating, and Mount Eala will increase all party member’s ATK, Agility and Block! 


>Gain Double Points by Collecting Certain Resources

From Feb. 20th to Feb. 25th (server time), you can gain points by collecting required resources during the event, i.e. Soulstone, Seraph's Stone, Element Scroll, Grotto Heart, Spring of Wisdom, Purgatory Soul, Khaos Core, Heavenly Siderite, Refine Ore, Spring of Glass, and Diamond.   

Note: Gain Purgatory Soul, Seraph's Stone and Refine Ore for 2X points!


Place (Min Pts: 190,000) 



Rajah Skyscream Crest x1, Eala Soul x1; (L4) Sky Crown x1; Doomsday Blade  x2; Angel Essence Synth Scroll x150, Lvl 14 Agility+END+Dodge Gem x1; Golden Armament Chest x1; Lvl.9 Armament Crystal Chest x5; Supremacy Certificate x3


Rajah Skyscream Crest x1, Eala Soul x1; (L4) Sky Crown x1; Doomsday Blade x1; Angel Essence Synth Scroll x150, Lvl 13 Agility+END+Dodge Gem x1; Golden Armament Chest x1; Lvl.8 Armament Crystal Chest x5; Supremacy Certificate x2


Rajah Skyscream Crest x1(L4) Sky Crown x1Doomsday Blade x1; Angel Essence Synth Scroll x100, Lvl 12 Agility+ END +Dodge Gem x1; Golden Armament Chest x1; Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x15; Supremacy Certificate x2


Lvl. 13 Fusion Gem Chest x1; (L3) Missional Heimdall's Helm x1; Angel Essence Synth Scroll x100, Lvl 12 Agility+ END +Dodge Gemx1; Golden Armament Chest x1; Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x15; Supremacy Certificate x1


(L3) Missional Heimdall’ Helm x1; Angel Essence Synth Scroll x80, Lvl 11 Agility+ END +Dodge Gem x1; Super Armament Chest(Mythic) x3; Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x8; Supremacy Certificate x1


Unique Equipment Permit x2; Angel Essence Synth Scroll x50, Lvl 11 Agility+ END +Dodge Gem x1; Super Armament Chest(Mythic) x2; Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x6; Supremacy Certificate x1


Unique Equipment Permit x2; Angel Essence Synth Scroll x50, Lvl 10 Agility+ END +Dodge Gem x1; Super Armament Chest(Mythic) x2; Lvl.7 Armament Crystal Chest x3; Tycoon Certificate x3


Unique Equipment Permit x1; Angel Essence Synth Scroll x50, Lvl 10 Agility+ END +Dodge Gem x1; Super Armament Chest(Mythic) x1; Lvl.6 Armament Crystal Chest x5; Tycoon Certificate x2


Lvl.11 Fusion Gem Chest x2; Lvl.9 Agility+ END +Dodge Gem x2; Super Armament Chest (Mythic) x1; Lvl. 6 Armament Crystal Chest x3; Tycoon Certificate x1


>Exchange for Powerful Heroes in Tycoon Mystic Deal

Tycoon Mystic Deal has all the hot heroes and weapons covered. Carnage Queen, Styx Lord, Golden Disciple, Lord Skyscream, Nine-tailed Fox, Son of Flames, Crooked Claw, Soul Messenger, Celestial Blade and many more are available here. Check the Tycoon Mystic Deal in Hot Events!


>Take the Loyal Mounts in Lucky Points

Various resources, gem chests, angel essence chests, and even powerful mounts can be gained by accumulating points and reaching certain Recharge amount in Lucky Points. Change Eala Soul to Fortune Pig freely if you don't like the former. Seize the chance to make them yours from Feb. 20th to Feb. 27th!


>Check out Different Events to Gain More Resources for Tycoon

Different events will be available in game during the resource tycoon. Don't forget to check them out if you want to gain more resources!

Navigation King: Feb. 20 to Feb. 25 (server time)

Lucky Tree: Feb. 20 to Feb. 22 (server time)

House of Cards: Feb. 21 to Feb. 24 (server time)

Capsule Toys: Feb. 23 to Feb. 26 (server time) 

Craft Master: Feb. 25 to Feb. 27 (server time) 

Meanwhile, Event Bonus will show up from time to time during the event and bring you Nectar, Lucky Capsule and more useful items!

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game. More exciting events are coming up through Feb. 20 to Feb. 25 (server time), check them out in the in-game Hot Events menu now!