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LoA Wins Facebook Best New Game of 2014!


Excitement has been running high this week with League of Angels fans as Facebook announced their list of the best new games of 2014. With millions of players signing in daily to take part in this great MMORPG, League of Angels has received lots of attention and dedication from players all over the world in the last year. Facebook included LoA in their ‘2014 Best New Games Category’, and here is what they had to say about the game, “This stylish role-playing game from Youzu Interactive features full-fleshed character classes and instantly-familiar gameplay mechanics.”  League of Angels has been a huge success worldwide and we would like to thank our devoted and enthusiastic players that supported and believe in us, LoA is a result of hard work of our devs and live Ops team, but also of the League of Angels fans! 

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