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Preview of Christmas Activities


Daily check-in
Check in daily for fabulous rewards and diamonds, the longer you go the better you can get! Don’t forget to check in every day to improve your chances of winning the best rewards. 

Christmas shop
This winter, brand new items coming out in the holiday spirit! Go to the Christmas shop and find the new fluffy fairies of the little reindeer, little snowman, Christmas fashion and a new mount.  

Christmas image card   
This Christmas, and for limited time only we bring you the magical power Christmas image card! Use the card to change your character skin into a Snowman, a Fairy or other images as you’d like! 

LOA Boxing day
Ho Ho Ho Christmas is coming! LOA will join the celebration of the Boxing Day, and offer dramatic discount in Santa’s shop - up to 90% off. Don’t miss out on a chance to purchase your favorite resources in low price.