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LOA One Year Anniversary Celebration Activities


Thanksgiving is here

We hope you are ready to spend your Thanksgiving weekend with League of Angels. After you have finished cooking and eating delicious food with your family, you can log into the game to enjoy an equally enormous feast of events, activities and prizes centered around Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving Spirit

Collect the different kinds of coins in order to upgrade the experience of your Thanksgiving Spirit.  Once enough spirits have been upgraded, all players across the server will receive great rewards!


Anniversary Chest

Three different anniversary chests will be at stakes in this special birthday event. In order to thank all our players for their support during this first year, each chest contains different types of rewards, so be sure to play as often as possible in order to get one of the top chests!


Anniversary Shop

Great items will be on sale to celebrate League of Angel’s first year. Be sure to visit the shop during the entire event in order to be sure not to miss out on any great deals! Rumor has it that some items may be sold at up to 70% discounts!  


Treasure Pirate

Ancient pirates have hidden countless maps throughout Angel Land. Finding them is the first step towards discovering great treasure. One problem though is that most of these maps have been torn up into three pieces. Once you find the piece of a map, you will need to find others who have the missing pieces in order to discover the greatest treasures!