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Watch Your Battle Rating Soar by Equipping Banners!


Banners identify heroes and call them to gather and fight for a common cause. A new system Banner, which is set to guide heroes and offer another way to increase their battle rating, will be online on April 18th in League of Angels! Find out more about the banners and get ready to equip your heroes in the latest update in League of Angels!

Requirement: character Lvl. 71+


Open “Banner” in “Character” interface.

The banners which have been equipped to your heroes are shown on the left of the interface of “Banner”, while the banners that you currently own are displayed in the Inventory on the right. You can easily equip your heroes with banners by double clicking on the banner, and get more and better stats for your banners through “Synth” and ”Engrave” in next week’s update.

The Types of Banners:
Spring Dream, Royal Clash, Sleet Storm, Raven Feast, Dragon Dance and Winter Gust consist of the six types of banners, which will add different stats to your heroes respectively.

The Qualities of Banners:
There are five qualities in total: Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic and Golden.

Higher-quality banners can be synthed by combining 5 banners of lower-quality and consuming certain resource (which will be revealed next week). For example, you can synth to get a Epic banner if you have FIVE Rare banners.

Players can use a new and exclusive item to enhance the banners. Once the banners get full stars, they can be upgraded. Click the "Maxed Stats" in the upper right corner to check the attributes of the banner.
Friendly reminder: The exclusive item will be exposed next week, including where to obtain it.

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to the development plan. Final version will be determined in game.

Wanna try the banners now? Find banners of Rare and Epic in Wheel of Luck from April 20th to April 22nd! We hope all players will enjoy the new system and explore more ways to play the award-winning League of Angels!