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Announcement of Cosplay Competition Rewards


Dear players,
Thank you for joining our Cosplay Competition. We have sent you Brave Cosplayer Package via email. If you have participated in the competition, please check your email. You can collect it in the game. 
According to our event rules, your final score is made up of two parts, the number of your votes and the number of your like & shares. Please deliver your screenshot and link of your Like & Share for this event to us. we have delivered 2 emails to contact you, but some of you didn't give a replay to us. Check your email and reply to the mail we have sent you before September 24th, and please do include the mentioned materials. The Top 5 result and rewards will come out this week. 
If there is something wrong with the content of mail, please reply to the mail and tell us, we will resend you the Package.

Thank you very much for your participation!

The League of Angels Team