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Announcement of Close-Server Maintenance 9/16 (EST)


Dear players,
There will be Close-Server maintenance of some servers at 12:00 am on September 16th(EST).The servers will be maintained are as follows.

S424 S425 S426 S427 S428 S429 S430 S431 S432 S433 S434 S435 S436 S437 S438 S439 S440 S441 S442 S443 S444 S445 S446 S447 S448 S449 S450 S451 S452 S453 S454 S455 S456

Besides, Corss-Server of the servers as follows will be influenced during the maintenance.

S465 S467 S468 S469 S471 S472 S473 S475 S476 S477 S479 S480 S481 S483 S484 S485 S487 S488 S489 S491 S492 S493 S495 S496 S497 S499 S500

The maintenance is about to last for 2 hours. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by us. Enjoy the game!

The League of Angels Team