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Changes in our game interface!


Have you noticed quite a number of changes in our game interface recently? In fact, throughout the Summer our developers have been working to optimize the game interface, in order to make the game experience more appealing and enjoyable for you. Let’s get familiar with some of those changes:


1. A 1-Click option to hide all icons has been added. No doubt, you were sick of the icons staying on the top and occupying so much space. Now just click on the little arrow beside the icons and you will get a concise interface!
2.The typeface of characters below the icons was adjusted into uniform size. 
3.Some translation errors were corrected.

The Mount

The new Mount Evolution system has been released. A number of new mounts will be available in the The new Mount Evolution system after evolving your original mounts, including Imperial Steed, Azul Wolf, Celestial Hunter, Emblazoned King, Iron Cockatrice, and Luminous Steed and many more powerful mounts!


Dragonsoul can be devoured in 1-Click now, which helps you save significant time!


Heroes can upgraded in 1-Click to the next level, allowing for greater convenience and speed!


A 1-Click Worship has been added. (Released over level 50.) Also a useful function right?

Changes to the Shop
You can buy items immediately now by clicking on the banner in the shop now. It means you can buy items you like in the banner directly instead of having to look them up in the items list.

The Items category
Add several kind items into certain categories so that you can sort them quickly. 

Also, problems such as description bubbles to do with the game user interface were fixed. We hope that these efforts prove useful and help enhance your fun in the game. Of course, if you have any suggestions or good ideas, please let us know. Let us work to make LoA better and better together!

The League of Angels team