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Announcement of Close-Server Maintenance


Dear players,
There will be Close-Server maintenance of some servers at 3:00 on September 5th(PST time).The servers will be maintained are as follows.
S351 S352 S353 S354 S355 S356 S357 S358 S359 S360 S361 S362 S363 S364 S365 S366 S367 S368 S369 S370 S371 S372 S373 S374 S375 S376 S377 S378 S379 S380 S381 S382 S383 S384 S385 S386 S387 S388 S416 S417 

The maintenance is about to last for 2 hours. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by us. Enjoy the game!

The League of Angels Team