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New FM Team of LoA!


We have planed to recruite Forum Moderator at the end of last month, and the result came out at last!
Given the rules and requestions, we have chosen 13 players out of all the applications, and have finished all the preparaion work. They are:
Hokuto, feather_of_sun, Acorna, Blankz, savioursoul, nightwatch, neuro, MoonLighty, Gladiator, Gerbie zombils, jokeisonyou, reiko90, socrates.
Congratulations! Welcome to our team!
These new FM all know our game very well, and are willing to help us establish a relaxing and harmonious forum. They will solve your problems and respond to your post from now on. 
And we also want to express our gratitude to the players who haven’t been chosen, thanks for your support! Don’t be upset cause we may expand our FM Team in the future and you will get a chance at that time!

Enjoy the LoA!

The League of Angels Team