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Development Team Q&A Part 3



1.       Q: I think the stamina replenishes too slowly, is there any way to make it come back faster?

AYes, in the future we will hold some special stamina events, additionally; we will reward players who play loop quests with extra stamina.


2.       Q: Will there be new dungeons with better drops?

A: Yes, we are making some special event dungeons that drop gear and special items.


3.       Q: Will there be any way for users to get VIP, diamonds, or other paid items in the future, without paying money?

A: Of course! We are preparing some surveys and special events that will reward such items to all users.


4.       Q: Right now, some things like PVP and flair are rather limited; will you be adding more in the future?

A: Yep! We will be adding new PVP modes very shortly. Also we will be constantly holding special flair events, see keep an eye on the hot events menu!


5.       Q: There are limited clothing and mount options, when can you fix this?

A: Actually, this is something we had begun working on before launch! We will have new mounts and clothing options very soon!


6.       Q: The chat system is kind of slow, and there are too many announcements, can you change this?

A: Yes, first we are fixing the private message problem, you will soon be able to send private messages to players who are not your friend. We are also reviewing what announcements we send through chat, we will remove some of them shortly.


7.       Q: Is there any way to categorize my friends?

A: Not yet, but there will be!


9 Q: Right now guilds are ranked by BR and Lvl. Are there any other ways guilds can compete?

A: Yes, we will be adding a guild arena very soon!


10Q: Will there ever be an EXP booster?

    A: Not right now. We actually feel exp boosters are unfair and break the balance of the game. If we can find a way to add an EXP booster and keep balance, we’ll let you know!