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In-Game Price Decrease


After update 1.25 on December 16, the following in-game prices will be changed:

1). Tidal Pool Laser- Old Cost: 250 Diamonds, New Cost: 100 Diamonds
2). Arena Opponents Refresh- Old Cost: 100 Diamonds, New Cost: 50 Diamonds
3). Garden Ransom- Decreased by 50%
4). Wyrm Race Refresh- Old Cost: 50 Diamonds, New Cost: 30 Diamonds
5). Auricion- Old Cost: 1000 Diamonds, New Cost: 600 Diamonds
6). Price for removing cooldown on guild changing decreased by 80%
7). Refresh Garden Enslave cooldown- Old Cost: 50 Diamonds, New Cost:25 Diamonds
8). Unlocking Hero Drill spots- Old Prices: 500/2500/5000 Diamonds, New Prices: 300/1500/3000 Diamonds
9). Unlocking Garden plots- Old Prices: 500/1000/2500/5000 Diamonds, New Prices: 300/600/1500/3000 Diamonds

Players who have already made a purchase at the original price will be compensated in Diamonds within 24 hours after the updates have been implemented.