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COSPLAY Competition Now Started!


Every day, our angels fight side by side inside the game. Now, the League of Angels has the pleasure to invite two wonderful cosplayers who will bring our beautiful angels to reality. Don't be fooled, they may be lovely on the outside, but they are fierce in battle. Let’s get to know them!

Liz Katz, our Goddess of love Amora, brings love and peace to each and every corner of the world. One of the sexiest cosplayers in America, she is also sure to melt your heart with her sweet smile.

Jessica LG, our mesmerizing Goddess of victory. Pretty and powerful, she will inspire you to reach soaring heights. She possesses the beauty and the mind to gather thousands of followers. 
If you would like to become one of our real angels, you are welcome to take part in our August COSPLAY competition. 

Of course, heroes and mounts are also welcomed.

Share your COS photos with us and show off your angelic charms. Rich rewards and limited edition titles are waiting for you!

Just click PARTICIPATE on the theme page to upload your COS photos. After uploaded and checked, the photos will appear in the Gallery Page where everyone will be able to select their favorite ones. Vote every day to receive your reward code! Finalists will be chosen based on this page’s voting results.

The photo must be of you and must be original work and relevant to League of Angels!

Once confirmed it was plagiarized, we will delete the photo.


August 1st to August 31st (EST)

click here to join


1. A video or picture relevant to League of Angels.
2. Must be original work made by you.
3. Group submissions only need to be submitted by one account. 
4. Content cannot be overly sexual or violent. 
5. Content that we think is excellent may be posted on our Facebook page.


1. Top 2 Rewards (Fulfill all requirements to receive the super reward)
1st: Prize: A limited edition Title forever, Lvl.9 Cherubstone x1+Lvl.8 Fusion Gem Chest x1 +Seraph's Stone x500 +Blessed Stone x500
   Super Reward: 1,000 USD
2nd: Prize: A limited edition Title forever, Lvl.8 Cherubstone x1, Lvl.7 Fusion Gem Chest x1, Seraph's Stone x300, Blessed Stone x300.
   Super Reward: 500 USD

2. Excellent Work Reward (Rank 3-5)
3rd – 5th Place: A limited edition Title for 30 days, Lvl.7 Cherubstone x1, Lvl.6 Fusion Gem Chest x1, Seraph's Stone x200, Blessed Stone x200.

3. Participation Reward (Participate and pass the check to collect this reward)
Reward: A limited edition Title for 30 days, Lvl.6 Cherubstone x1, Seraph's Stone x50, Blessed Stone x50.


1. All the rewards will be decided according to points. Every vote on the theme page is worth 1 point, every like or share on Facebook is also worth 1 point. (Facebook posts are required to follow the FB format guidelines listed below)
2.The two players who receive the highest total score can collect the Top 2 Rewards, and players ranking from 3 to 5 can collect the Excellent Work Rewards. Those who participate and fulfill contest requirements can collect the Participation Reward.
3. If the photos receive more than 15,000 votes on the theme page, as well as 15,000 like&shareon Facebook, the player will be eligible for our Super Reward! (Top two players only)
4. The Facebook post should contain all the following: League of Angels logo on the photos, your own impression of LoA (more than 15 words), as well as the slogan: Play League of Angels now: http://www.gtarcade.com/loa. Submissions not conforming to this format will not eligible for prizes.

You can get the logo from here:


↓The post should be written like the one below.

the League of Angels team