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Thanksgiving Harvest

Thanksgiving Harvest

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Be confused about the events? Check the content below.

Click the icon of Thanksgiving Harvest, and you will see four parts. They are Thanksgiving, World Boss, Feast of Harvest and The Bonfire Party.


Fight together and get great rewards here! Click Thanksgiving you will see this panel. When the EXP reaches certain amount, all players in this server can collect the rewards.


At the same time, you can click Point Rewards Button to check your personal point rewards.


1. Every Small Thanksgiving key acquired will earn a player 1 personal point and increase the Thanksgiving EXP by 1. Every Large Thanksgiving key acquired will earn a player 2 personal points and increase the Thanksgiving EXP by 2.

2. All Thanksgiving level rewards can be collected once daily when available.

Can you and partners in your server reach the top level during the 7-day party? Give it a try!


Feast of Harvest

Resources, wine and sherry(the token) and more are waiting for you in Gift Boxes! You can randomly get one of the following items with different kind of Corns. Good luck!

There are 3 kinds of gift boxes. You need to collect stockings to open them. You can get Small Thanksgiving Keys, Mediurm Thanksgiving Keys and Large Thanksgiving Keys through Hot Events or use diamonds to buy.


The Bonfire Party

You may ask, how to deal with the wine and sherry I have got? OK, here comes a chance for you to exchange great items with your tokens!

Angels, heroes, gems, equipments, armament chests and more resources will be available!

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.