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League of Angels

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New Zodiac
The Zodiac is a series of Single Player Dungeons that have significant importance. Upon clearing each dungeon, you will gain access to a new Aegis. Additionally, the Zodiac is your only source for coveted Aegis Shards. 

1. There are 3 types of difficulties in the Zodiac: Normal, Nightmare and Purgatory. 
2. You must complete easier difficulties before harder ones are unlocked. 

Nightmare & Purgatory Difficulties
1. You must select Nightmare & Purgatory in order to begin the Zodiac in this mode. 

2. After completing Nightmare & Purgatory your angel will obtain a blessing.

Zodiac Blessing

The Zodiac Blessing is a type of buff that gives the following bonuses to attributes:

1. Resistance to dizziness is increased by 30%
2. Resistance to confusion is increased by 30%
3. Deal 20% more damage to enemies with the highest attack damage.
4. Increases Angel rage by 25 points.
5. At the start of a battle 2 random enemies will have their rage decreased by 25 points. 

Note: The Zodiac Blessing stacks up to 3 times.

First Kill

1. The servers that have a player to kill the final boss in Nightmare mode Zodiacs will have the difficulty of the Normal mode decreased by 20%.
2. The servers that have a player to kill the final boss in Purgatory mode Zodiacs will have the difficulty of the Nightmare mode decreased by 20%.

Due the amount of constant updates happening, the information above may differ to the final results found in-game. We welcome players to bring any discrepancies to our attention.