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League of Angels

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The Garden

The Garden is one of the most useful features in League of Angels, not only does it provide you with a constant source of Gold, Warsoul, and Mount EXP, it rewards you for having lots of friends in game. The Garden has 3 different features: Garden Patch, Captives, and the World Tree.

The Garden Patch

You can grow Gold, Warsoul, or Mount EXP in the Garden Patch

1.    Click the patch you wish to farm.

2.    Select the seeds you wish to use.

3.    Water the patch.

4.    Wait!

5.    Harvest the patch.

League of Angels Garden

World Tree

Leveling up the world tree reduces the time it takes your seeds to grow in the Garden Patch. Here is how to level up your World Tree:

1.    Click your World Tree to bless it. Each time you bless your World Tree, it will gain EXP.

2.    Add lots of friends, each of your friends can Bless your World Tree once a day, adding even more EXP.


You can enslave your friends, and force them to work in your gold mines. This is how you Enslave Captives, and Extort their Gold:

1.    Click the Enslave Button in the Garden.

2.    Select a player you wish to enslave, and then defeat them in battle.

3.    Once enslaved, you can periodically extort Gold from your Captive, or Drain all their Gold at once.