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League of Angels

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Magic House in Homestead and Furnace

Magic House

A magic house shows up in Homestead, which will bring you lots of powerful equipments! Carving Inscription on these weapons to add more stats! You have one more way to increase your Battle Rating now!

Magic House unlocks at Lvl. 68.

You can enter Magic House in the following two ways:

1.Click the icon in the main interface of the game.

2.Click the house near your Housing Area in Homestead.

Magic House System

The Magic House system is made up of three parts: Train Amulet, Carve Inscription and Inscription.

Train Amulet

General Description:

1.Put on Amulets to gain powerful stats.

2.Use Spirit Essence to increase the Amulet Level.

3.Use Source of All Souls to improve the Amulet quality.

4.Every player will get Beginners' Sword FOR FREE when entering Magic House.

Use Source of All Souls to improve the Amulet quality.

How to know more about the magic weapons

Click "Guide" in the right corner, players can check all types of magic weapons.

Carve Inscription

Carving a specific set of inscriptions to activate powerful bonus stats.


To add powerful bonus stats, say Blade of Destruction I as the screenshot above shows, you have to place the specific sequence of incription, as the right side of the screenshot shows.

The higher the quality of the weapon is, the more incription it can be carved on. In this way, more bonus stats will be added.


Two incriptions of the same type can be synthesized to the next higher type.


1. You can get inscription in Furnace and events.

2. Each inscription can add specific stat to magic weapons. The higher the number of the inscription is, the better stats it will add.


Click to recyle components, materials and Amulets.

Spirit Essence and Source of All Souls

Spirit Essence

Source of All Souls

How to get the Spirit Essence and Source of All Souls

1.By buying in Magic Shop

2.By costing Gold to Bless in Angel Statue in Homestead

Hope you have fun in LoA!

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