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League of Angels

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Rune System can be found in the Character menu under the tab Runes after Level 50. 

There are 6 types of Runes, each corresponding to one of the 6 equipment part, i.e. Weapon, Helmet, Boots, Greaves, Mail, and Accessory. 

League of Angels Runes

- Each party member has his or her own set of Runes. The Rune bonus is effective on the corresponding gear they are wearing. 

- Helmet and Accessory Runes are unlocked initially, the rest of the Runes will be available when the specific requirements are met. 

- Each Rune have 10 Ranks; each ranks can be divided into 10 levels. The Max level is Rank 10 Level 1.

- Rune Level can be upgraded by consuming Runestones. Each time a Runestone is used, one of the unlocked Runes will be randomly picked for an EXP increase. If the chosen Runes are already maxed out, a certain portion of Runestones will be returned. 

- Each upgrade of Rune will increase the base attributes of the corresponding equipment by 1.5%. So if a rune's level is maxed out, the corresponding equipment will gain an extra 150% stats bonus. 

- Rune leveling stones are required for upgrading Runes to Level 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. These Rune Ranks can only be reached when all the unlocked Runes hit leveling threshold. 


Rune Skill

Rune skills will be unlocked when the Runes hit the specific level. Rune skills can greatly boost Angel Resistances, damage inflicted to certain classes and have a chance to increase Angel Rages. 


Rune Swap 

Use Rune Swap to exchange the Rune level of heroes. All Rune data is saved after Swap. Inheriting will not change the target hero's or source hero's Rune level.


With constant updates and optimization, discrepancies may exist between this information and in-game information. The in-game version shall prevail.