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Elite Eternal Spire & Equipment Enchantment


1. Equipment Enchantment unlocks at Level 55. Lvl. 40+ Legendary equipment or higher can be enchanted.

2. There are 12 types of Enchantment materials, all of which can be obtained from the Elite Dungeons of Eternal Spire.

3. Each enchantment will increase the equipment stats by a certain percentage of the base stats.


Enchanting Stone

- "Enchanting Stone" is the item used for Enchantement. They are used to raise the "Enchant points" of the equipment. Every time you use a Enchanting Stone, the equipment has a chance to be successfully Enchanted. The chance of enchantment is based on the amount of Enchant points the equipment has. 

- There are 12 types of Enchanting Stone, Basic Weapon Enchanting Stone, Adv. Weapon Enchanting Stone, Basic Helm Enchanting Stone, Adv. Helm Enchanting Stone, Basic Mail Enchanting Stone, Adv. Mail Enchanting Stone, Basic Greaves Enchanting Stone, Adv. Greaves Enchanting Stone,  Basic Ring Enchanting Stone, Adv. Ring Enchanting Stone, Basic Boot Enchanting Stone, and Adv. Boot Enchanting Stone.

- Basic Enchanting Stone is used to enchant the equipment to Tier 5. After Tier 6, it will consume Adv. Enchanting Stone.

- Enchanting Stone can be obtained from the Elite Eternal Spire.


Elite Eternal Spire 

1. For each level you clear in Basic Inferno, one Elite Guard will be unlocked.

2. After you successfully defeat the Elite Guard, you will be rewarded with the corresponding equipment enchantment materials.

3. Blitz will be available after you clear the dungeon manually.


Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.