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League of Angels

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Dragon Taming & Dragonsoul

Dragon Taming

Dragon Taming unlocks at Level 60 and is used to obtain Dragonsouls.

The gameplay of Dragon Taming is similar to Gemology. There are 5 types of elements: Electro, Wind, Ice, Fire and Random. Align 3 or more elements of the same type to eliminate a line. For each line eliminated a corresponding elemental Dragonsoul will be produced. The more elements you clear with each move, the more points you get and the higher the level of the Dragonsouls you will receive.

League of Angels Dragon Taming


Spend 250 Diamonds to Auto-eliminate and clear all the current elements. You can spend 50 Diamonds to lock an unwanted element. The locked elemental Dragonsoul will not be produced during the Auto-eliminate mode.



- Click on the Dragonsoul icon in the right bottom corner of the screen.

- Each party member has 5 Dragonsoul slots. Each can be embedded with one Dragonsoul.


Bonus Stats


+HP, +PATK, +PDEF, +MATK, or +MDEF  


+END, +Agility, +Hit, + Crit, or +Dodge


+END, +Agility, +Hit, + Crit, or +Dodge


- Player can level up Dragonsouls by feeding them with unwanted Dragonsouls of the same element.

League of Angels Dragonsoul


Dragonsoul Skills

- Each Dragonsoul has some Element Power points. When the total Element Power of a single party member reaches the required amount, his/her corresponding Dragonsoul Skill will unlock.

- Elemental Power = Dragonsoul Quality * Dragonsoul Level. 

Qualities: Green=2, Blue=3, Purple=4, Orange=5, Red=6 and Gold=7.

- Each class has 2 sets of Elemental Skills: Radical and Protective. Players can switch the skill in effect in the Dragonsoul menu at any time.


Dragonsoul Shop

Player can collect Dragonsoul Essence from the Daily Loot menu if the daily Dragonsoul points hit the required amount.

- Dragonsoul Essence can be used to swap for Epic and Legendary Dargonsouls in the Dragonsoul Shop.

League of Angels Dragonsoul Shop


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