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League of Angels

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Fusion Gems

An unknown artisan crafted a shining gem in the fire of fusion. After this technology was invented, people were impressed by the beauty and power of this kind of gems – The Fusion Gem.



The Fusion Gem is new and more powerful. Different to the Gem we had before, the Fusion Gem have Two Stats Bonuses! This means you can actually save a slot to another Gem. One more Stats Bonus also gives you higher Char Stats and Battle Rating. Fusion Gem can make you stronger.

League of Angels Fusion Gem


Now you can Synth your own Fusion Gems.

Open the Forge menu and choose Synth, find Fuse on the left column.

League of Angels Synth Fusion Gems

You always need to have 2 HP Gems at that level and 2 another kind of Gems (PATK, MATK, PDEF or MDEF Gems) at that level. You also need a certain amount of Gem Essence, which can be obtained from special events

Use The Lvl.6 HP+PATK Gem as the example: You need to have 2 Lvl.6 HP Gems, 2 Lvl.6 PATK Gems and 20 Gem Essences to Synth 1 Lvl.6 HP+PATK Gem.


You can also upgrade the Fusion Gem.

Use The Lvl.7HP+PATK Gem as the example: You need to have 3 Lvl.6 HP+PATK Gems and 400 Synth Scrolls to Synth 1 Lvl.7 HP+PATK Gem.

Come Heroes, Synth the new power Fusion Gem! More details about Fires of Fusion will be released in the next few days. Stay tuned to the Fires of Fusion news page!

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. final updates will be determined in game.