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League of Angels

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Raiders System: Coming for Treasures!

In League of Angels, there is a place with hidden treasure guarded by giant dragons. Rare items, shards, and many more valuables can be found. Of course, giant dragons will not stop our valiant warriors from exploring.


Brief Introduction:

Level Requirement: Lvl. 30

Entrance: “Raiders” button

Items: Bless Stones, Soulstones

System: Explore, Raid, Synth



1.       Players can explore 15 times for free every day.

2.       Players can get rare items and resources like Bless Chest shards, Soul Chest shards.


1.       Players can raid 10 times for free every day.

2.       Click “Raid” and raidable players will be shown. Players’ levels, chances of raiding, and number of shards are also shown.

3.       Click an available player and the raiding starts. The winning player has a chance to get the shards possessed by the opponent.


1.       When the number of shards has reached a certain amount, Synth will be accessible.

2.       Synth requires some time to complete. During the Synth, if shards are deprived, Synth will stop automatically.

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.