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League of Angels

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Guild Boss

Players who were unsatisfied with only being able to fight the World Boss once per day rejoice! We are introducing a new system, Guild Boss! You will now have the opportunity to slaughter more bosses!

League of Angels Guild Boss



Guild members may unlock a guild boss and battle them together with other guild members. The guild members who participate in the Guild Boss event can get rare items like Gold, Soulstones, and many more by defeating a guild boss.


Basic Information

Participation Requirements: guild level must be higher than Lvl. 1.

How to enter: Guild Menu – Guild Events – Guild Boss

Guild Boss Cooldown: 10:00 – 23:00



1.       Enter Guild Boss and spend diamonds to unlock a seal.

2.       Guild Boss contains of 3 seals: Common, Epic, and Majestic. Players need to spend 500 Vouchers, 500 Diamonds, and 1000 Diamonds respectively to unlock the 3 seals.

3.       Unlocking higher seals requires players to defeat more bosses, but also increases the amount of rewards they can get.

4.       Each guild member can unlock a seal 3 times every day. The limit will not reset if the guild member transfers to another guild.

5.       Each guild member can participate in the Guild Boss event 3 times every day. The limit will not reset if the guild member transfers to another guild.

6.       Once a guild has started the Guild Boss event, other guild members cannot unlock another seal until it has been completed.

7.       Rewards for unlocking are sent through in-game mail.

8.       Rewards include: Gold, Blessed Stones, and Gem Chests.

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.