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Hero & Mount Upgrade System

With more and more heroes joining the grand battle, we think it's necessary to bring something new for better battling experience. That's why we decide to bring a fantastic new system, Hero and Mount Upgrade System to you! With this system, you will be able to upgrade your hero's and mount's skill and greatly increase their stats. 

Hero Upgrade

1. The heroes in your party can now be upgraded! Enter the Train menu and you’ll see the Upgrade button.

2. "Bless stone" is the item used for upgrades. They are used to raise the "bless points" of your heroes. Every time you use a Bless stone, your hero has a chance to Upgrade. The chance of upgrade is based on the amount of bless points your hero has. Bless Stone can be obtained from Tidal Pool and the upcoming Raider system.

League of Angels Bless Stone

3. A hero can be upgraded a maximum of 27 times.

4. Each upgrade will increase your hero's stats by 5% of the base stats; every 3 upgrades will increase his/her skill level by 1. So the higher the hero's base stats is, the more stats boost he/she will get after upgrading. The base stats can be increased by using Soulstones to train the hero.



- If the source hero's Upgrade level is higher than the target hero's, the target hero will inherit it. 

- If the target hero's Upgrade level is higher than the source angel's, the target angel's Upgrade level will not change. However, the source angel's Upgrade level will still be reset. 

- Blessing points do not transfer. The source hero's Blessing points reset after inheriting; be sure to finish the upgrade before inheriting.



Mount Upgrade

1. Like heroes, mounts can now also be upgraded. Enter the Mount menu and click on the Upgrade tab to start.

2. Upgrading Mounts is the same as upgrading heroes.

League of Angels Upgrade System

3. Every 3 upgrades will increase your mount's skill by 1 level; each upgrade will increase its stats by 5% of the base stats. So the higher its base stats is, the more stats boost it will get after upgrading. The base stats can be increased by using Soulstones to train the mount.

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

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