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League of Angels

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Once the Recruit menu is unlocked in League of Angels, players may recruit heroes to fight alongside them. 

Heroes are bought with Herosouls which are acquired from card draws. Everyone gets 2 free draws per day. Additional cards may be drawn at the cost of gold or Diamonds.


League of Angels Recruit Draws


Heroes have different classes and roles in the party. Some may be tanks; others may be strikers or healers.


League of Angels Hero Tavern


Pay close attention to the hero descriptions. They include information regarding the various skills each hero uses. It also includes partner skills they may perform with other heroes. Party composition and formation are major determinants of battle effectiveness.

Each Angel has a Halo that provides stat boosts to designated positions party members can occupy.


League of Angels Halo


Keep this in mind when deciding where to place your heroes.


Once a hero reaches level 55, they are eligible for "Rebirth". Rebirthing a hero decreases their level by 20, but only decreases their stats by 10 levels.  Therefore, the stats will increase relative to their level. 

A hero can be rebirthed a maximum of 10 times. The second rebirth becomes available when they reach level 60.

If your heroes' training is restricted by your main character's level, you can rebirth them to continue training.

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