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Love Day

Love Day

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching! As love fills the air, everyone has been busy preparing their speical celebration. Thus, League of Angels has prepared a brand new event just for you! Now if you are wondering what it is, the following tips can help you best way.

Plant Roses and obtain wishing points, and you will be able to claim lots of rewards. Rewards include the new mount Tundra Hunter and the Dragon Slayer Sword(the new exclusive amulet)The event is made up of two parts: New Spring Upgrade and New Spring Wish. The more wishing points you get, the better rewards you will be able to get. The higher the level, the better the rewards.

>How to Get Higher levels

Decorate the whole place as you like. Firecrackers, Big Bang and Firecarcker Roll are all at your disposal. To decorate 1 time requires 10 Rainbow Rose, 10 Yellow Rose, or 10 Blue Rose.

>How to Obtain Wishing Points

Remember: The more wishing points you get, the better rewards you will be able to get. To give players a chance to get a lot of points, there are four ways to obtain the points.

>Where to Get the Rainbow Rose/Yellow Rose/Blue Rose.

All the accessories will be available in the Garden Shop! Enter Garden and start planting them now!

Additionally, you can also find them in Hot Events. Go get'em!

>What Are the rewards?

The new mount Tundra Hunter and the exclusive amulet for Silver Dragon Lord-- Dragon Slayer Sword! Unleash the power of the angels and triumph over your enemies!

NOTE: the event will be available from Feb. 13th to Feb, 17th(server time)! Hope you will enjoy this additon and have a joyful holiday! Special thanks go to our creative fan Missiry(S560) and Brigit(S1 Kabam) for the awesome fan art.

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.