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Happy New Year:Welcome the Year 2017 with a Blast!


Happy New Year: Welcome the Year 2017 with a Blast!

The year 2016 is coming to an end! And we are grateful for all your support for the past days! From Dec. 31st, 2016 to Jan. 1st, 2017, we'll be holding a sereies of fantastic events to celebrate the new year with you! Come and check them out!

>Gtarcade and Facebook Rush Sale
Duration: Dec. 31st, 2016 to Jan.1st, 2017(HKT)
Description: All players who have recharged via Gtarcade and Facebook will almost double the amount during the event! Plus, all players who have gained the rebate will receive double rewards in game. For example, if you recharge 1,000 Diamonds via Gtarcade and Facebook during the event, you will receive 1,999 diamonds in game, and you will be able to claim the corresponding rewards for recharging 1,999 diamonds.
In other words, recharging via either Gtarcade or Facebook during the event will gain nearly double rewards this time! Check the time schedule below and get ready to act now!

Time Zone
08:00:01 2016/12/30
07:59:59 2016/12/31
10:00:01 2016/12/30
09:59:59 2016/12/31
11:00:01 2016/12/30
10:59:59 2016/12/31
16:00:01 2016/12/31
15:59:59 2017/01/01
00:00:01 2016/12/31
23:59:59 2017/01/01

>LoA Winning the Second Best Strategy Browser Game in 2016!

Duration: Dec. 31st to Jan.2nd(server time)

Description: League of Angels was awarded the second Best Strategy Browser Game and the third Best Community Browser Game by MMOsite in 2016! Thank you all for your support, we could not have done it without you!

Note: This event is exclusive for players on Gtarcade and Facebook due to the Gtarcade and Facebook Rush Sale in the celebration of new year!

>Happy Sea
Duration: Dec. 31st, 2016 to Jan.3rd, 2017(server time)
Description: The special Happy Sea will bring you the Feast Dressing and Pandora's Box(the Zeus Series)! Enjoy!

In addition, the diamond sealing service has finished successfully. Please don't forget to check your in-game mail to claim your diamonds and BONUS REWARDS! New fairy Pepper is waiting for you. Plus, you can still log into Gtarcade to claim FREE GIFTCODE until Janary 1st, 2017! 

Again, stay happy for the this year and all the years to come!!