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Looking for Survey Interviewees with Diamond Reward


To better improve the game, we would like to conduct an interview survey among our players. The interview will be made by Internet call on Skype or by telephone. We are now looking for suitable interviewees.

- The interview will last about 15 minutes.
- The topics we will be covering: your basic info, your previous gaming experience, and your opinion about League of Angels
- We will be calling from December 14th 19:00 to December 15th 23:59 EST
- As a token of our appreciation, we will offer each interviewee 500 Diamonds in the game.

If you are interested, please email us at Andrew@gtarcade.com with the following info:
1. Your IGN
2. Your Skype account/Mobile phone number
3. Time available

We will choose 50 applicants and contact you by Skype/phone call during your available time.

The League of Angels Team