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Spend Resources and get Rewards!


Resources Reaver

Duration: July 21

Server: S1 to S372


Cheer for Tycoon! We provide you this chance to buy resources with great discount prices!

This is a limited time event. You can buy 3 times in 1day!

Complete the goal to buy Resources with great prices!

Event requirements


1000 Tidal Pool Points, spend 499 to buy (3 times)

Soulstones x200

Explore 15 times in Raiders, spend 499 to buy (3 times)

Blessed Stone x50

Get 1000 Gemology Pts, spend 999 to buy (3 times)

Gem Enhancement Stones x350

Challenge Eternal Spire 10 times, spend 999 to buy (3 times)

Runestone x700

Do Zodiac 10 times, spend 999 to buy (3 times)

Aegies Share x300

80 Jackpot points, spend 999 to buy ( 3 times)

Refining Stone x1000

Use 30 Angel Tears, spend 1999 to buy (3 times)

Angel Tears x50

Reach 400 Devotionspend 3999 to buy (3 times)

Serephs Stone x200, Elment Crystal x400, and 8000,000 G

More exciting events are coming up through July 21 to July 25. Check them out in the in-game How Events menu now!

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.