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Show your Guild in the Guild Category and win tickets to World Servers!


Duration: July 2 to July 7
Server: All servers
Show your guild and get tickets to World Servers!

Write a new Post about your guild in the Guild Category of the forum and call your members to reply to your post! The first 600 qualified replies can get tickets to World Servers to watch the Angel World Cup as audience!


Category: please choose "Guild"

Title: give your article a title such as "Guild Introduction- server number- guild name".

Content: Your post should include the name of your guild, the name of the leader, the introduction of your guild and a family picture including guild members.

Reply: Members can reply in the Guild Introduction post with your names and your life or experiences in the guilds.

Attention: If your post in the "Guild" Selection is qualified, GM Nicky will put the post in our reward list and add the word [Event] in the front of your title. Please do not add [Event] in the title by yourself, thank you!



Each entry (include the Guild Introduction poster and the members who reply the posts) will get a special account to visit the Angel World Cup Server!


With the special account you can visit the Angel World Cup Server, where all players and heroes will be leveled to Lvl. 90, players will have their skills maxed out while all Heroes will have training and upgrades upgraded to +21,all Angels will be automatically leveled to their max level and have evolution upgraded to +24, and watch the Angel World Cup as audience.

Enjoy LoA!

The League of Angels Team