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New Prismatic Wheel! Win up to 10000 Diamonds!


Prismatic Wheel
Chance to win up to 10000 Diamonds! At most to win 10 times Diamonds!

Duration: June 28 to 30 
Server: S1 to S325
-Click on the “Prismatic Wheel” on the left of the game screen to open the event menu. 
-There are 2 types of Wheels: Diamond Wheel & Voucher Wheel. Each can get diamonds and vouchers.

Diamonds Wheel: Recharge 999 diamonds to get one chance to spin, you can spin 10 times at most everyday.

Vouchers Wheel: Each player has 2 free chances to spin everyday.

Rewards: Diamonds & Vouchers.

Gem Collector

Duration: June 28 to June 29 (server time)

Server: all servers

Description: Recharge certain amount of Diamonds and collect required Gems to exchange the Fusion Gem Chest!



Recharge 3999 Diamonds 

Swap 3 Lvl.9 HP Gems for 1 Lvl. 10 HP Gem

Recharge 4999 Diamonds

Swap 2 Lvl.8 Cherubstone Gems for 1 Lvl. 9 Cherubstone

Recharge 5999 Diamonds 

Swap 3 Lvl.7 Gems for 1 Lvl. 6 Fusion Gem Chest

Recharge 6999 Diamonds
Swap 3 Lvl.7 Gems for 1 Lvl. 7 Fusion Gem Chest
Recharge 7999 Diamonds
Swap 3 Lvl.7 Gems for 1 Lvl. 8 Fusion Gem Chest

Fusion Gem Transaction

Duration: June 28 to June 29 (server time)

Server: all servers

Description: chance to exchange the unwanted Fusion Gems into the desirable ones.



Lvl. 7 HP+PATK Gem

Lvl. 7 HP+MATK Gem*1

Lvl. 7 HP+MATK Gem

Lvl. 7 HP+MDEF Gem*1

Lvl. 7 HP+MDEF Gem

Lvl. 7 HP+PDEF Gem*1

Lvl. 7 HP+PDEF Gem

Lvl.  HP+PATK Gem*1

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.


The League of Angels Team