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Searching for Cross-Server TT Members


Duration: June 23 to June 24

Server: S1 to 316

Description: Introduce yourself and your requirements for team members to get Gift Code Package!


1. Reply your information to this post as below (you can copy it and paste it to your own reply):

S156 Level B.R Detail
IGN: Nicky 70 700000 Incinerator and Blazing Wings
Angel: Amora 70 130000

Hero1: Hecate 69 200000
Hero2: Nereida 69 200000
Hero3: Arcane Spirit 69 200000
Hero4: Headless Horseman 69 200000
Hero5: Astral Hunter 69 200000
Mount: Pride King 15 30000

2. Reply your requirements for team members to this post.


1. Each entry can win Blessed Stone x15 and Voucher x100.

2. GM Nicky will choose 20 lucky players from the reply list, these players will receive Blessed Stone x20, Voucher x150 and 3-in-1 Special Pack x1

3. The rewards will be sent via forum mail by Nicky.

The League of Angels Team