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Play Shooting Game to Win Wings of Gold!


1. Ace Shooter

Duration: June 19 to 23

Server: 1-308

Description: New Funny shooting game in LoA! Join in the World Cup!


1. There are three directions and a goalkeeper, you can choose one way to shoot. You will succed if you are lucky enough!

2. Each shot requires a soccer ball, you can get soccer balls from a number of hot events in the game (Today's Gift and etc.), or you can visit our Facebook to join the Like and Share event to win free balls.

3. When you goal you can get 3 points and a Winner Pack (3 Champion Marks and 1 Goal Chest). If not, you still get 1 point and a Consolation Pack (1 Champion Mark and 1 Participation Chest). 

4. You can use your Champion Marks to buy items in the Points Shop.


-Daily Top 100 players who have at least 50 points will get extra Voucher and Soulstone; Daily Top 100 players who have at least 250 points will get extra Refining Stone and Element Crystal.

Place 50 Points 250 Points
1 Voucher x100 and Soulstone x100
Refining Stone x800, Element Crystal x150
2-3 Voucher x80 and Soulsstone x80
Refining Stone x700, Element Crystal x100
4-20 Voucher x50 and Soulsstone x50
Refining Stone x600, Element Crystal x80
21-100 Voucher x30 and Soulsstone x30
Refining Stone x500, Element Crystal x50

-At the end of the event the Top 100 players who have at least 500 or 1000 Points will get extra rewards as follows:
Place 500 Points 1000 Points
1 Blessed Stone x200, Enchanted Stone x400
Wind of Gold x1, 30 days Ace Shooter title, Seraph's Stone x300
2-3 Blessed Stone x150, Enchanted Stone x300
30 days Ace Shooter title, Seraph's Stone x300, Runestone x1000
4-20 Blessed Stone x100, Enchanted Stone x200
7 days Ace Shooter title, Seraph's Stone x150, Runestone x500
21-100 Blessed Stone x50, Enchanted Stone x100

Seraph's Stone x100, Runestone x200, Lvl.5 Common Gem Chest

2. House of Cards

Duration: June 19 to 22

Server: 1-308

- Players can obtain cards from the Card Chests in House of Cards. 
- There are three types of card chests: Common Chests, Deluxe Chests and Mystery Chests. 1 Common Chest costs 50 Diamonds, 1 Delue Chest costs 150 Diamonds, and 1 Mystery Chest costs 500 Diamonds. You can get 10 Common Chest for free each day. 
- After collecting a specified set of cards, you may exchange it for great rewards. 
- Your remaining Cards can be exchanged for Points. Points can be traded for specific Cards. This will allow you to finish your Card sets more efficiently. 

- You can swap the required cards for: Headless Horseman Crest, Arcane Spirit Crest, Valkyrie Crest, Astral Hunter Crest, Runestone, Lvl. 6 Cherubstone, Seraph's Stone, Element Crystal, Gem Essence, Topaz Herosoul, Blessed Stone, Refining Stone, Angel Tears, and Synth Scroll. 
- Daily Ranking Rewards: Every day the Top 20 players with at least 1500 points from the previous day can collect extra Card Points as the reward. 
- Total Ranking Rewards: At the end of the event, the Top 20 players with at least 5000 total points have a chance to win Seraph's Stones, Lvl. 7 Fusion Gem Chests, Joker (S), Lvl. 6/7 Common Gem Chests. 

Hero Class: Rogue
Hero Position: Melee Striker
Hero Skill: Spectral Smash: Transforms into Headless Horseman on first turn. Starting on the next turn and for each turn after that, inflicts (60% ATK + 100) to all enemies.
Basic Attributes:











Click here for more information: http://angel.gtarcade.com/heros/637.html#newsConter.html

-Daily Top 20 players who have at least 1500 Points will get extra Points; Daily Top 20 players who have at least 3000 Points will get extra Points.

Place 1500 Points 3000 Points
1 Card Points x150
Card Points x600
2-3 Card Points x125
Card Points x450
4-5 Card Points x100
Card Points x300
6-10 Card Points x75
Card Points x200
11-20 Card Points x50 Card Points x100

-At the end of the event the Top 20 players who have at least 5000 or 20000 Points will get extra rewards as follows:
Place 5000 Points 20000 Points
1 Blessed Stone x200
Joker S x3, Lvl.7 Fusion Chest x1
2-3 Blessed Stone x120
Joker S x2, Lvl.7 Common Gem Chest x2
4-5 Blessed Stone x80
Joker S x1, Lvl.7 Common Gem Chest x2
6-10 Blessed Stone x50
Lvl.7 Common Gem Chest x1
11-20 Blessed Stone x30 Lvl.6 Common Gem Chest x2

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.