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Show your party to win Wager Voucher!


Duration: June 16 to 21

Server: All servers

Description: An amazing feat has been accomplished in the 4th Cross-Server Tournament: The player Chief has managed to defeat a 1,600,000 B.R opponent while only having 870,000 B.R himself! And he had only 2 characters in the party, himself and Hecate! We couldn't believe our eyes! It seems miracles happen all the time, and our 1st Angel World Cup has just begun! Who will be the next one to make miracles happen? What will be the best team in the 2014 Angel World Cup? 


1. Reply to this post and upload a picture of your own party and write down your reason to support it.

2. As always, please reply with your server number and in-game name to this post.


1. Each entry will receive Wager Voucher x20.

2. We will randomly pick 10 repliers to receive extra Wager Vouchers x50!

In the 2014 Angel World Cup:

Players who have been selected to World Server1 and World Server2 will have a special account. In that account, all players and heroes will be leveled to Lvl.90. Players will have their skills maxed out while all Heroes will have training and upgrades to +21. All Angels will be automatically leveled to their max level and have evolution upgraded to +24. There will also be a variety of evolved mounts with max training level. 

Click here for more information: http://angel.gtarcade.com/worldcup#newsConter

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

The League of Angels Team